Access to Web Client from WAN side


You can install SmartPTT Web Client by using following guide.

That guide describes usage of the SmartPTT Web Client from LAN side and if you are using router with hairpinning you can work with SmartPTT Web Client from WAN side.

The present guide can help you when you would like to work with SmartPTT Web Client from WAN side without router with hairpinning option.

Firstly please copy "SmartPTTWE" folder to C:\inetpub and rename it for example "SmartPTTWE WAN".


Then you need to run WSS.exe file as administrator from C:\inetpub\SmartPTTWE WAN folder. In field address insert your external IP and save.



Next step is a new website adding in the Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.  To do that:

1. Click the
Start button and select Control Panel.

2. Click the Administrative Tools menu item.

3. Select Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.

4. Unfold the settings tree.

5. Right-click Sites and select Add Web Site...


6. Fill in the fields in the opened window as it's shown below and click OK.
Site name: any name of the future web site (for example SmartPTT WAN).
Physical path: path to the SmartPTTWE WAN folder. The folder must be located in the inetpub folder.
IP address: the local IP address of the web client. Write the internal IP address of the network.  Port: port which the IIS will listen for requests sent to the web client from WAN side (for example 8081).


  7. Click Application Pools in the tree and select SmartPTT WAN in the list.


In the Edit Application Pool window, in the .NET Framework version, select version 4.


8. Start the web site. To do that, right-click on the name of the web site, select Manage Web Site and then Start.


After all of that you should forward ports 8888; 8191; 8081 from your external IP to internal IP of web socket.

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