1.3. Requirements


Þ      The system requires that one of the repeaters (Master) have a static IPv4 address, while the others may be dynamic.


Þ      If the total delay is less than 60 ms then the setting should be Normal. If the total delay is more than 60 ms but less than 90 ms then the setting should be High. The IP Site Connect system will not work satisfactorily, with occasional failure of arbitration, hang time and data link layer acknowledgements, for a backend network having total delay of more than 90ms. The disadvantage of the setting at 90ms is that there is an increase to audio throughput delay.


Þ      IP Site Connect does not support dial-up connections (due to small bandwidth) or Satellite Internet access (due to large delay).


Þ      1 IP Site Connect system can support up to 15 devices in total


Þ      The IP Site Connect configuration of MOTOTRBO does not require any new hardware besides backend network devices such as routers. If a customer has multiple MOTOTRBO systems working in digital repeater mode at dispersed sites and wants to convert them into an IP Site Connect system, then the repeaters and the radios should be updated with new software and the repeaters need to be connected to an IPv4-based backend network.



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