1.4. Roles of repeaters in IP Site Connect Network (Master and Peer)


In IP Site Connect System, there is a repeater which is considered to be the Master repeater. Master repeater functions as the central point and find other Repeaters and RDAC PCs in the same system.


All peers (except Master itself) in IP Site Connect System are configured with the IP and UDP address of the Master. So when power-on new peer repeater, it informs its IP and UDP address to the Master and, Master repeater makes something like a map of peer repeaters in its system. The Master informs all the other IP Site Connect devices about the presence of a new IP Site Connect device and so each peer repeater has the same map of other repeaters. Also this allows adding an IP Site Connect device to a live IP Site Connect system.


To maintain connection between all peers in IP Site Connect system, there are periodic link management messages (“keep alive” messages) between an IP Site Connect device and the Master.



When there are no messages from a repeater for one minute, the Master informs all the other IP Site Connect devices about the absence of this peer. An IP Site Connect device also maintains periodic link management messages with other IP Site Connect devices. In absence of messages from another IP Site Connect device for one minute, the IP Site Connect device concludes that either the other IP Site Connect device has failed or the failure is within the network in between.

The link management messages allow an IP Site Connect system to reconfigure itself on failure of one or more repeaters and the system continues to provide services with the available IP Site Connect devices.

So in case of network failure, it is possible that an IP Site Connect system becomes multiple IP Site Connect systems. All the new systems continue to provide the services that are possible with their subset of IP Site Connect devices. Note that there will be only one system that has the Master.

When the IP network recovers, the multiple systems automatically become one system.


The consequence of Master failure is limited. The IP Site Connect system continues to function except that it is not possible to add an IP Site Connect device into the system. If an IP Site Connect device powers on, while the Master is in failed state, then it will not be able to join the IP Site Connect system. On failure of the Master, it is possible to switch a redundant IP Site Connect device to act as an Master. The static IPv4 address and the UDP port number of the redundant IP Site Connect device should be same as that of the failed Master.


The role of repeater in IP Site Connect Network is configured in codeplug of repeater (MOTOTRBO CPS) in Network tab in the Link Type field.

None - The repeater performs in Local Mode and does not support any of the Link Establishment system functionality.





The Peer is a repeater that is connected to Master repeater and able to perform as part of a Link Establishment system.





The Master functions as the central point for a Repeater/RDAC-IP PC to find other Repeaters/RDAC-IP PCs in the same Link Establishment system



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    Hello, I am tryng to configure the IP ADDRESS for a Motorola slr 5100 repeater, but in the NETWORK part the MOTOTRBO CPS only show me the IP address on the USB port (RNDIS). I don´t have the NETWORK SETTINGS menu, neither the LINK ESTABLISHMENT menu.

    Maybe I have to buy some aditional license for the repeater.
    Can you tell me some way to activate these funtions?
    Thanks in advance.

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