KNOWN ISSUE: Master repeater reboots when SmartPTT Radioserver is started


Abstract: After MOTOTRBO firmware upgrade up to R2.6 Master repeater may restart periodically in the radio systems using IPSC ADK Protocol (IPSC and Capacity Plus radio systems) when SmartPTT Radioserver is running.

System Platforms Affected:

  • MOTOTRBO repeaters with firmware R2.6 in IP Site Connect and Capacity Plus systems
  • SmartPTT Enterprise 9.0 and all earlier versions, connected via IPSC ADK protocol (Note: NAI systems are not affected)

User Symptom: Master repeater reboots periodically that makes radio system unstable and sometimes unavailable.

Engineering Details: Due to the issue in MOTOTRBO firmware, master repeater with firmware version R2.6 reboots when exchanging CSBK data with the application peer using IPSC ADK Protocol. This issue will be fixed in MOTOTRBO firmware R2.7.

Fix: Please downgrade to the eralier firmware and wait for the release of MOTOTRBO R2.7. As temporary solution for systems in field, that could not be downgraded, please use the following workaround. 

Workaround:  Change connection type to the radio system by adding applicationPeer="false" flag in RadioService.exe.config file manually. So SmartPTT Radioserver will pretend to be another hardware repeater peer.

  1. Stop RadioService in SmartPTT Radioserver Configurator.
  2. Head to the folder with installed SmartPTT Radioserver (by default C:\Program Files (x86)\SmartPTT\Server).
  3. Make backup copy of RadioService.exe.config file copying it and renaming to RadioService.exe.config_old, for example.
  4. Open Radioservice.exe.config file in Notepad.
  5. Find configured IP Site Connect / Capacity Plus system (IPSC ADK Protocol). Each radio system is located under the <repeater name= ….> tag.
  6. Add applicationPeer="false" inside this section. Make sure you add applicationPeer flag before ><ControlStationSlot1 name=…> tag. It is very important!
  7. If you have several IP Site Connect/Capacity Plus (IPSC ADK Protocol) radio systems, add applicationPeer="false" flag for each <repeater name= ….> tag.
    Please see the screenshot with the example below:
  8. Save RadioService.exe.config file
  9. Start SmartPTT RadioService and test the radio system to make sure it’s working smoothly after the change.

If you have never changed RadioService.exe.config file manually, please feel free to contact SmartPTT Support Team by providing Team Viewer access to the system. We will gladly help you to apply this workaround.


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