“For Development purposes only” watermark is shown over Google Map in the SmartPTT dispatcher


After getting the Google API key, please create a plain text file (using Notepad), open it, and enter the Google API key value. Save this file as GoogleMap.apikey.

Move the GoogleMap.apikey file to the SmartPTT Dispatcher folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\SmartPTT\Client by default).

Change the Start in option for each SmartPTT Dispatcher shortcut used in the system. Start in option has to be the full path to the Client.exe file location (C:\Program Files (x86)\SmartPTT\Client by default) 

Open the SmartPTT Dispatcher and make sure the Google Map is working properly.


Please note GoogleMap.apikey must have the .apikey as a file extension (.txt extension must be absent in the end of the file name).

For checking purpose please make sure that files extensions are visible under Windows environment. Hide extensions for known file types has to be unchecked as per the screenshot below for the files extensions to be visible. The last step is to make sure if the .txt extension is not present at the end of the GoogleMap.apikey file.

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