Setting up SmartPTT Radioserver for Mobile PoC Client 3.0.2/5.0.2


Important: this guide is only for PoC iOS 3.0.2 and PoC Anroid 5.0.2 clients

The application interface may change, therefore, the instruction may lose its relevance. The instruction was created based on the configurator version

All settings must be carried out with the server turned off.

Addresses of repeaters and equipment, if necessary, should be checked with colleagues.

  1. Install SmartPTT. It is necessary to install the SQL server, its installation will be offered in the installer.
  2. After installation, you need to update the server license. It can be installed in the configurator, in the license section. Important: the license file cannot be transferred to third parties!
  3. In the client connection section, specify the address of your machine, as well as specify HTTP, HTTPS and VOIP ports.
  4. In the “Radio Network Services” Section, enable ARS, GPS, TMS, Telemetry. In the client connection section, connect Desktop clients, Web application, Third-party applications (Mobile applications, if there is a corresponding option)
  5. Go to the event log and create a database. Check it out.
  6. Go to the Network tab and add a new IPSC network with Network ID and Peer ID as in screen bellow. Select the address of your PC in the interface section and select a free port.
  7. In the “Master repeater” section add repeater address and port and click the “check” button. If the serial number is displayed, it means the connection to the repeater is connected correctly:
  8. Setup Slot 1 and Slot 2 as in screen bellow
  9. Add several groups and AllCall
  10. In the “Client List” tab add several clients
  11. Save server settings and open RadioService.exe.config file from the C:\Program Files (x86)\SmartPTT\Server folder.
  12. You have to add following

    <intercomControlStation name="Intercom" systemID="4090" radioID="16776415"

         groupCallHangTime="3000" privateCallHangTime="4000" enabled="true"


        <voip enabled="false" />


    After tag `<automaticGainController ../>`  (see screen bellow)

    This adds a virtual radio network to the IntercomСS monitoring station. Calls are going through it, between mobile clients without the need to use a real radio network.

  13. Save the configuration file and start the server.

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