Configuring E-mail notifications for Device monitoring

SmartPTT allows continuous monitoring of devices in connected networks, and automated notifications via E-mail, SMS and SNMP about hardware alarms, device connections and disconnections.

To configure E-mail functionality, you need to setup E-mail gateway first.

Specify Sender name, which will be written in From field in e-mail.
If you are going to use e-mail gateway for radio to e-mail delivery, enable direct messages delivery.

Specify e-mail service that you are going to use as a medium between e-mail and radioserver.
Probably you will need to create special "buffer" e-mail to use it.
Fill in credentials and addresses for SMTP and IMAP/POP gateways for e-mail delivery.
Send test message and Check connection via corresponding buttons, to make sure the connection is OK both ways.

Switch to Network configuration tab, find needed system, right click its name, and select Add Repeater option. 

Input Id of repeater and specify its name.

Go to Alarm Notifications tab and fill in e-mails that you want to notify.
Click Apply settings button at the bottom.

Repeater connection-disconnection alarm is added by default. It means, after radioserver restart, system will start sending e-mails each time, when repeaters are connected to the system or disconnected from it.
On Status tab you can configure additional alarm options, such as notifying about repeater Fan Failure alarm, TX alarm, RX alarm, and many others. It provides ability to have continuous monitoring of hardware state on specified e-mails.
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