SmartPTT Radio Service


SmartPTT Radio Service is system service, that gives a Dispatcher an ability to connect to MOTOTRBO networks.

Shortly, this is the Radioserver itself.

An application "Radioservice configurator" allows user to configure settings of Radio Service.

Although SmartPTT Radio Service should start automatically on windows start, there can be cases when it fails to start.

How to check if Service has been started successfully:

Open Radioservice Configurator and see buttons at the bottom left:


If it's said here - "Service: Running" - that's OK, Service has been started properly.

Also It can be checked via Computer management:

Right click "My computer" and select "Manage" option



Select "Services" and find SmartPTT Radio Service, check if it is "Started".




If SmartPTT Radio Service is not started or stopping instantly after starting, see troubleshooting article.

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