GPS Revert Channel


The GPS Revert Channel feature allows system to off load radio transmitted location updates onto a programmed digital channel that differs from the digital Selected Channel. This feature effectively removes Location Update traffic from the Selected Channel in order to free up that channel. The GPS Revert Channel also allows a large group to communicate on a single voice channel while sending location updates on multiple GPS Revert  Channels to accommodate larger Location Update loads. 

Each channel programmed into the radio has a configurable CPS option to designate the GPS transmission channel on which it transmits Location Update messages. The CPS options for the GPS transmission channel are Selected, All, and None.

- Choosing Selected means that the GPS updates are transmitted on the current channel.

- In the case of All, a single channel must be chosen from the list of all channels. This chosen channel is known as the GPS Revert Channel and this is where GPS updates are transmitted on.

- None is selected when the radio should be configured to disable the transmission of Location Update messages on the channel.


To configure sending GPS updates on dedicated channel which differs from Selected channel, please use the following settings:

Note. All settings are described regarding IP Site Connect System. You can also configure GPS Rever Channel in Control Station Configuration.


Subscriber Radio Settings:


1. In the General Settings tab enable GPS



2. In the Network tab Forward to PC checkbox should be Disabled.  Set ARS Radio ID = Slot 1 ID in SmartPTT Radioserver = Slot 2 ID in SmartPTT Radioserver.



3.  Channel Settings (Slot 1)

Select On system change in ARS list



Specify appropriate RX, TX frequencies.

In the GPS Revert List select Slot 2 (in case slot 2 is dedicated for Data Revert).



4. Channel Settings (Slot 2) - GPS Revert Channel:

Select On system change in ARS list


Specify appropriate RX, TX frequencies.

In the GPS Revert List select Selected.



Note.  Subscriber ARS Radio ID = Slot 1 ID in SmartPTT Radioserver = Slot 2 ID in SmartPTT Radioserver.



If you don't see subscriber locations displayed in subscriber Call Window, or Radio is not displayed on the map, then please check  if radio settings and GPS settings meet all requirements.



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