How to use SmartPTT Remote Assistance




SmartPTT contains a special technical support tool providing remote access to the PC to resolve possible technical issues.

To give the technical support engineer remote access to the PC, launch SmartPTTRemoteAssistance.exe. SmartPTTRemoteAssistance.exe window will show ID and Password which should be passed to the engineer.

Steps to follow to get remote assistance:

  1. Launch Remote Assistance (Start > SmartPTT > Remote Assistance).


SmartPTT Remote Assistance window:

  1. Pass Your ID and Password (Password can be displayed as ****. In this case just tell the engineer that password is not displayed) to the engineer who is going to provide technical support.


  1. When the connection is established, you will see session window on the screen.
  2. Chat function can be used for communication with the engineer.



  1. To stop the session, click   .


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