How to get HID of Radioserver


A Hardware ID (HID) is a unique identifier generated from the serial numbers of motherboard and other computer hardware. All permanent licenses are tied to Hardware ID.

NOTE!  It does not matter which way you use to generate HID, because finally HID which is generated in SmartPTT Server Configurator and HID generated in SmartPTT Hardware ID Generator are always equal. Starting from SmartPTT 9.2, Hardware ID (HID) depends on the Windows OS language. Please collect the HID generated under Windows OS language that is going to be in use permanently.


There two ways how to define HID of your computer.

1. SmartPTT Server Configurator

Open SmartPTT Radioserver Configurator application and go to Settings -> Licenses. On this tab you can see available licenses for installed software and collect HID.


In the Activation area, click on Collect button and Hardware ID will appear.

To copy HID to clipboard, click on Copy button. When HID is successfully copied, notification window will appear: Hardware ID is stored in clipboard

Click OK and paste HID into email or *.txt file to send it to the person who requested it.


 2. SmartPTT Hardware ID Generator

For those cases when SmartPTT Radioserver is not installed on Radioserver PC, you can use SmartPTT Hardware ID Generator which is separate software to generate HIDs.

NEW! Download SmartPTT Hardware ID Generator for SmartPTT 9.10 and above using the link:

HID Generator 9.10 and above

Download SmartPTT Hardware ID Generator for versions between SmartPTT 9.3.28 and SmartPTT 9.9 using the link:

HID Generator 9.3.28 - 9.9

Download SmartPTT Hardware ID Generator for SmartPTT 9.1.2 and below using the link:

HID Genrator 9.1.X and below


NOTE! HIDs for SmartPTT versions between SmartPTT 9.2 and SmartPTT 9.3.28 can be collected using the Radioserver only.

Unzip downloaded archive, and launch HIDSA.exe application.

Hardware ID – identifier of your hardware which is needed to be reported to SmartPTT Support Team and which is used to generate license file for SmartPTT Software.

Company – specify your company name. Company name is used to generate e-mail.

Save to clipboard - Hardware Identifier is saved to clipboard and then can be inserted to any file or e-mail.

Save to file - Hardware Identifier is saved to *.txt file.

Send E-mail – e-mail with Hardware Identifier is generated and then this e-mail can be sent to address.

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