How to collect debug information


SmartPTT provides special software for logging errors occurred in the system. It is called DebugInfoCollector.

DebugInfoCollector provides a fast and easy way to collect information about the system state for Technical Support Team. The process of collection is very easy and short.

All you need is to find the main folder of SmartPTT (by default it is C:\Program Files (x86)\SmartPTT or C:\Program Files\SmartPTT depending on the SmartPTT version). The next step is to open the Client or Server folder. If both folders exist, you can open any.

In the opened folder, find DebugInfoCollector.exe and run it.
You will see a window with one button “Collect debug information”

Next save the debug information file in some directory. You can select any directory you like.

After saving, find the saved file  in the specified directory and send it to SmartPTT Support Team (file should be in the .DAT format, default name is SmartPTTdebuginfo.dat).

NOTE: When saving the file, make sure that SmartPTT Dispatcher is closed.

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