SmartPTT Update Guide



SmartPTT update process can be divided into the following steps:

  1. Save configurations of SmartPTT Dispatcher and SmartPTT Radioserver. This step is not obligatory, because the system moves configurations automatically. But, to be 100% sure that your system configurations are safe, you can export and save them.
  2. Uninstall current SmartPTT system.
  3. Install the new version.
  4. Apply the saved settings (if needed)

In most cases steps 1 and 4 can be missed.


Save SmartPTT settings


  1. Saving configurations is not obligatory step and it is needed only to be prepared for unexpected problems with installation. This step is recommended for big and real working systems but it can be missed.
    Also saved settings canbe used if you deside to downgrade SmartTT later.
    To save SmartPTT Dispatcher settings, go to Service > Save Dispatcher Settings.

  2. In the window that opened, select what you want to save (Settings and/or Database). Specify the folder name, and click Save.


  1. Before saving settings of the Radioserver, stop it. Go to Export/Import Settings tab and click Browse in the Export group box.


Specify the folder where to export the settings. Select Export Radioserver Database, and then click Export.


Uninstall SmartPTT


Before uninstalling SmartPTT Radioserver, make sure that the radioserver is stopped. Do not uninstall SmartPTT Radioserver if it is running.

As for SmartPTT Dispatcher, you can install a new version of SmartPTT Dispatcher without uninstalling the old one.

To uninstall SmartPTT Radioserver, click Start > Control Panel > Programs and Features. In the opened list of programs right-click on SmartPTT Radioserver, and click Uninstall.


Install SmartPTT


  1. After downloading SmartPTT distribution kit, unpack it to a separate folder.

  2. Run autorun.exe.

  3. First install SmartPTT Radioserver and then SmartPTT Dispatcher. For both installation processes the setup wizard will be used.
  4. Follow the steps of the setup wizard.
  5. Once you have finished, close the installation window.


Import SmartPTT Settings


  When SmartPTT is installed, all settings will be transferred automatically to new version. So there is no need to import settings. Though here is short guide about importing settings, you might need it in some unexpected cases (for instance, when SmartPTT is installed on another PC or in case you delete SmartPTT folder in Program Files and Program Data folders).

  1. Open SmartPTT Radioserver Configurator and stop the radio service.
  2. Go to Export/Import Settings tab and press the Browse button in the Import group box. Select the folder where you saved settings of the previous version.

Select the Import Radioserver Database and All options. Click Import. Then, click Save and run the radioserver.

  1. Run SmartPTT Dispatcher. Go to Service > Restore Dispatcher Settings.

  2. In the window that opened, select what you want to restore (Settings and/or Database). Specify the name of the folder with the settings. In the Database field specify the name of the new database.

Click Restore.

If database was restored as well, then go to Settings -> Database Settings and in the opened window specify new name of the database.

Restart the dispatch console to apply the restored settings.

Enjoy the new version of SmartPTT.

You can read about new features in this release on our web site



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