Wireshark - network traffic capture tool



Sometimes it is not possible to understand what is happening within the software without additional diagnostics.

Wireshark software is used to get information about information exchange on Network Interface Cards.

Where to get

To download and install Wireshark you can go to wireshark.org download page and download the latest release for your Windows version (32 or 64 bit).

How to use

To capture the traffic you will need to start the wireshark application either from desktop or from start menu.


 In the main window press Capture Options button and pick the interface on which you will capture packets. If you are not sure which interface to pick, select all of them. When interfaces are selected, press Start button at the bottom right.

The capture process will start and during this process you need to repeat whatever issue you have. After the issue is successfully repeated, stop the capture by pressing red square stop button in upper-left part of window. 

Save the capture file by clicking on save button to the right of stop button.

The resulting file is the network traffic capture.

Tips and tricks

If the size of traffic file exceeds e-mail limits (commonly 10 MB), you can use online file storages like Google drive, OneDrive, Dropbox or anything else that suits you.

Please, make a description of what was happening during the capture, so that we can understand what to look for in it.

Try to keep it short. Do not make more than one test during one capture, because it is often hard to understand when the first test ended and the second began.

If you have received additional description from support team try to follow those recommendations carefully. It will contain information on how to maximize the usefulness of captures you make.

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