Disconnection of SmartPTT Dispatcher while the other one is connecting


Symptom: SmartPTT Dispatcher is disconnecting while the other one is connected. 

Analysis: Both SmartPTT Dispatchers have the same GUID. SmartPTT Dispatchers' GUID has to be unique across the same SmartPTT Radioserver environment.

Issue source: SmartPTT Dispatcher settings had been restored improperly using the settings of the previously configured SmartPTT Dispatcher.

Resolution process:

1) Close the SmartPTT Dispatcher.

2) Delete the Properties.xml and Properties.xml.bak files under ProgramData\SmartPTT folder.

3) Run the SmartPTT Dispatcher and restore the settings from the same source with "Overwrite Dispatcher GUID" unchecked.

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