How to find information about installed license


To find the information about currently installed license please open the Radioserver Configurator from the Start menu or from a Server root folder (by default - C:\Program Files (x86)\SmartPTT\Server).


Then go to Settings tab > Licenses.


Here can be found all the needed information regarding your license.

Such as:

  • license name (the same as a license file name)
  • license ID
  • expiration date (in case of demo)
  • license composition
  • the version of currently installed SmartPTT application


To set a path to license file press the Change License button.

Also on this tab can be collected a Hardware ID (HID) of the current PC.


The same license information also can be found on the Dispatcher.

In the right bottom corner of the Dispatcher window are shown license name and SmartPTT version.

And in Settings > Licenses can be found:

  • Install License button (to set a path to your license file)
  • license name
  • license ID
  • expiration date
  • license composition


!NOTE: Licenses lists on the Server and on the Dispatcher do not match because some of features are licensed on the Server side and other on the Dispatcher side.

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