Update Guide of unsupported SmartPTT versions


SmartPTT technical support provides assistance for the current version of SmartPTT and the two previous major releases. SmartPTT is changing configuration and database structure in each new version. Therefore SmartPTT can't be updated directly from version older than two previous major releases.

To keep your settings and update SmartPTT from version older than two previous major releases  you need to do the following:

1) Uninstall SmartPTT (your current version = N).

2) Install SmartPTT version N+2. Please request necessary version from SmartPTT support

3) Сheck if the server and dispatcher is able to be running and works well.

4) Uninstall SmartPTT version N+2  and install SmartPTT version N+4. Your settings should be kept saved without the need to import the backup. Please check this. And check that server and dispatcher is running normally.

So you can update SmartPTT to latest version step by step. If you need assistance please let us know by email to support@smartptt.zendesk.com.

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