MNIS Data Gateway Relay


MNIS Data Gateway Relay is the program that provides data exchange between MOTOTRBO
Network Interface Service and the SmartPTT server when they are installed on different computers.
Thus, it provides the connection of multiple MNIS Data Gateways (primary and redundant ones) to
the one server.

It can be applied in the following systems and networks:

  • NAI - IP Site Connect;
  • NAI - Single Frequency Repeater;
  • NAI - Capacity Plus;
  • NAI - Linked Capacity Plus;
  • Capacity Max Networks.

To configure MNIS Data Gateway Relay, follow these steps:

1. Run MNIS Data Gateway Relay;
2. From the MNIS Interface field, select the same IP address as in the Tunnel IP Address
in the General node of MOTOTRBO Network Interface Service Configuration Utility;
3. From the Server Interface field, select the local computer IP address on which
MOTOTRBO Network Interface Service is started and MNIS Data Gateway Relay is
4. In the Port field, configure the local port value in order for the radioserver on the remote PC to connect to MNIS Data Gateway Relay;
5. At the bottom of the SmartPTT Server Configuration window, click Save ( mceclip3.png ) to save
6. Click Restart ( mceclip4.png ) to restart SmartPTT Radioserver and apply changes;

Optional: If needed, configure the port forwarding on the router to which your computer is connected.

In case of multiple MOTOTRBO Network Interface Services present in the topology, User Authorization feature may require additional configuration. This only applies to the MNIS and DDMS interfaces installed separately from the Radioserver's computer. Follow these steps:

1. Run MOTOTRBO Network Interface Service.
2. In the DDMS Server Address field, enter Radioserver's IP address in the Network node;
3. Save the settings and restart MOTOTRBO Network Interface Service;
4. Run MOTOTRBO DDMS Administrative Client;
5. In the AuthenticationServerIP field, enter Radiosever's IP address, in the Authentication Server Settings; 
6. Save the settings and restart MOTOTRBO DDMS Administrative Client;

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