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RG-1000e R3.0

CPS RG-1000e User Guide R3.0
RG-1000e Remote Gateway User Guide R3.0


RG-1000e R.2.2.2

CPS RG-1000e User Guide R2.2.2 v2

RG-1000e User Guide R2.2.2 v2

RG-1000e Firmware & CPS R.2.2.2

Please NOTE that the assignment of the pins of the Radio 1/2 radio connection terminals has changed.

To determine whether the RG-1000e belongs to a batch with an old or new pin assignment, you can use the serial number.
• Products with serial numbers **** * 250 or less have the old contacts assigment Radio 1\2.
• Products with serial numbers **** * 251 and higher have a new contacts assigment for Radio 1\2.


RG-1000e R2.2.1

CPS RG-1000e User Guide R2.2.1
RG-1000e User Guide R2.2.1


RG-1000e firmware upgrade guide

RG-1000e Upgrade Guide R2.2.0

CPS and firmware for RG-1000e upgrade should be downloaded separately.




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