Radio subscriber cannot initiate/end a phone call


IP Site Connect topology

Call initiation in IPSC system is possible in three different ways:

  1. Call phone subscriber by selecting entry in contact list
  2. Selecting "manual dial" and entering phone number manually
  3. Send Text message with predefined TMS prefix followed by phone number to radioserver

First two options are using the CPS settings of Access and deaccess codes to establish telephone interconnection. In case if these settings does not match in CPS and radioserver, call will not be established.

1) Check CPS settings of subscriber's radio. Access and deaccess codes should be set. It is recommended to use two-symbol access and deaccess codes to avoid sudden disconnection due to accidentally pressing deaccess key on the radio.


2) Check radioserver Telepone Interconnect settings. Access and deaccess codes must be set, and be equal with codes from CPS.


Third option utilizes special radioserver service. TMS prefix must be set in radioserver Outgoing calls settings to use it.

When set, TMS prefix works as following:

1) User sends TMS to radioserver (to ID of Control Station or IPSC Slot) beginning with TMS prefix followed by phone number to call. e.g. If TMS prefix is "T" and number is 1234, then text message must be "T1234".

2) Radioserver receiving this message and upon decifering, makes two simultaneous outgoing calls. One call is for phone number 1234, other is for radio subscriber who sent the text message.

3) Both user confirm the call and can speak to each other.


To end a phone call in IPSC topology, user must press "Back" button on the keypad. This will automatically send deaccess code.

Capacity Plus / Control Stations topology

When using control stations, there is only two options for subscriber to make a phone call:

  1. Make private call to dispatcher (using ID of control station). To make so, user must:
    - Make private call to ID of Control Station
    - While holding PTT dial access code preprogrammed in radioserver with keypad of his or her radio unit
    - Make a pause for radioserver to recognize the code
    - Dial phone number with the keypad
    - Release PTT to hear progress of phone call
  2. Send Text message beginning with TMS prefix configured in radioserver followed by phone number.

To end a phone call in case of control station, user must press PTT, and enter deaccess code manually by means of keypad of his or her radio unit. Pressing "Back" key will not work in this case.

It is impossible to make outgoing call by selecting phone subscriber from contact list if control stations are used.

Also, keep in mind that as long as this system relies on transmit interrupt functionality, delays between PTT press and actual "channel free" tone can reach a value of 1.5 - 2 seconds. Before starting to speak, radio subscriber must always make sure that transmission is interrupted successfully and subscriber's radio is transmitting to the channel.

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