No Internet connection when Control Station is connected



When I connect 
MOTOTRBO Control Station via USB cable to my computer, Internet access fails.


The root of the problem is in the fact that when MOTOTRBO radio is connected via USB, new network connection is created automatically.



It can be that this connection is determined as priority and that's why Internet access is lost. (If the PC has already had network connection, then it can be that new gateway will have higher priority than existing one.)

There are several ways to solve this issue:

1.TCP/IPv4 and Metric

In the network connection properties of MOTOTRBO, which is created automatically at connecting the control stations to the computer via USB, disable all the interfaces except for  TCP/IP v4.


Then select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click on Properties and then Advanced.

Change Metric of the network connections (1- for Internet connection, 500 - for MOTOTRBO connection)

2.Static Routes

Some static routes are created to access the Internet.

To add static route, go to Start menu and select Run. Type cmd.exe and press Enter
The following routes should be added:

for the Internet connection (compulsory access the Internet via main gateway):

route add -p mask Х.Х.Х.Х
route add -p mask Х.Х.Х.Х
route add -p mask Х.Х.Х.Х,

X.X.X.X - network gateway

for MOTOTRBO Control Station (route to access radio network through Control Station):

route add -p mask - Control Station IP address

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