Control Station is not displayed on Dispatcher Console



I see that there is a connection between Dispatcher and Radioserver. But Control Station is not displayed on Dispatcher Console.



1. MOTOTRBO Radio in Device Manager

Make sure that MOTOTRBO Control Station is installed properly on the computer where_ SmartPTT Radioserver Configurator_ is installed.MOTOTRBO Radio should appear in Device Manager Window. (Right-click on Computer icon and select Manage. In the list of_ System Tools select Device Manager abd click on Network Adapters and see *MOTOTRBO Radio *_connected)



2. MOTOTRBO Radio in Network  Connections List

Make sure MOTOTRBO Control Station is installed properly on the computer where the radioserver is installed (MOTOTRBO Radio connection should appear in the state Connected in the Network Connection Properties window).



 3. TCP/IPv4 and Metric

In the network connection properties of MOTOTRBO, which is created automatically at connecting the control stations to the computer via USB, disable all the interfaces except for** TCP/IP v4**.



Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click on Properties and then Advanced.

Specify Metric 500 for MOTOTRBO Radio Network Connection



4. Windows Firewall

Check if Windows Firewall is disabled.


5. Read the radio in MOTOTRBNO CPS software

Make sure you can Read Control Station via USB cable in MOTOTRBNO CPS software


6. Firmware Version

All MOTOTRBO radios and repeaters working in the radio system must use the same firmware version. 
The required firmware version for DP/DM 3000 is "R01.08.32" or higher; The required firmware version for DP/ DM 4000 and SL radios is «R02.00.00» and higher.

Note. In firmware version R01.08.32 the following error was corrected by Motorola: USB Read/Write error when used with Windows OS (predominately Windows 7).


7. ID and IP of the Control Station

Make sure that Control Station ID and IP address in SmartPTT Radioserver Configurator are the same as sppecified in codeplug of the Control Station ( MOTOTRBO CPS)


8. Forward to PC

For the field Forward to PC select Via USB in the Network** settings** in MOTOTRBO CPS.




If profile is used for Operator, make sure that in selected profile Control Station is enabled.

Note. Profile can be applied both to any Operator profile and Administrator profile.


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