SmartPTT Radio Service fails to start


1._ SmartPTT Radio Service_ cannot be started.  Even if I click on Start button, I see that Radio Service is trying to start but finally it turns to Stopped state. 

2. Radio Service is unavalable in SmartPTT Radioserver Configurator. There no possibility to click on any button.


Radio Service issues

Radio Service is not started:

1. 1 control station requires 1 Sound card

Each MOTOTRBO Control Station (Mobile Radio) connected to SmartPTT Radioserver requires sound card installed on the PC if it’s used for voice calls.    
If SmartPTT Dispatcher and SmartPTT Radioserver are installed on one PC, then use one additional Sound Card for Dispatcher.


2. Radioserver Log

Analize error in Radioserver configurator's Log. (These errors are also accessible via Computer -> Management -> System Tools -> Event Viewer - >Applications and services logs -> SmartPTT)Log.png


3. ** Ports**

Check if all ports specified in SmartPTT Configurator are available and free. It is technically impossible to use software which uses the same ports.

Please see the full list of SmartPTT Ports. This list may vary depending on used features in SmartPTT Application.

4. Audio devices

Open Windows Control Panel -> Sound and check if audio devices are properly installed. (Mind, that for some sound cards it is required to plug in speakers and microphone to the PC to appear them on sound devices list)

5. Interface

Make sure that correct Interface is selected.

If there are several interfaces listed, select concrete interface.

If there is only one interface and IP address is got by DHCP, then select Any. Otherwise when IP address is changed, you won't be able to start Radioservice and you will need to re-select all interfaces in Radioserver Configurator.

If Interface no longer belongs to this PC, it is marked by question sign:



After IP address changes re-select Interface in all tabs: main Radioserver tab, Telephone interconnect tab, IP Site Connect, Capacity Plus, Linked Capacity Plus, Connect Plus tabs).


6. SmartPTT Service re-installation or upgrade

If there is no avalable buttons to click on and there is information message that Service is not found, that means that for some reason Radio Service was removed or was not installed in the operating system.


Use Total Commander  or FAR Manager (a free alternative to Total Commander) to reinstall Radio Service.

Specify path to Radioservice.exe file and use /uninstall command to delete service from the system.


When you get the message that SmartPTT Radio Service was successfully removed  from the system, use /install command.



Make sure that Radioserver Configurator displays Service status (Stopped, Running, etc) and also make sure that you can manage  SmartPTT Radio Service from Radioserver Configurator.  


In some very seldom cases with 64-bits operating Systems the same problem happens. 

Other way to solve it manually:

  1. Uninstall SmartPTT Radioserver simply via windows uninstaller.
  2. Sure that ALL files and folders from SmartPTT Radioserver installation folder EXCEPT Radiservice.Exe.Config and sulist.dat (if it is) were deleted. Otherwise delete them.
  3. Install SmartPTT Radioserver and start it again.
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