How To Change Subscriber Status


Does SmartPTT support statuses for subscribers? Can I set that some radios are available for work and some are busy and Dispatcher should not disturb them?


Radio Subscriber Statuses


SmartPTT Dispatcher user can create statuses to assign to radio subscribers (e.g. Available, On Call, In Place or Busy). Radio subscribers can have a statuses indicating their current state. The status is set either by the dispatcher or by radio subscribers themselves.


How To Create a New Status


To set up radio subscriber statuses in SmartPTT Dispatcher:

1.   Open the Statuses window (Settings > Statuses).


2.   Click the Add button to add a new status. To edit an existing status, select it in the list of statuses and click Edit. At that, the Statuswindow opens for adding or editing status.

To delete a status, select it in the list of statuses and click Delete.

3.   Set name and color of the status, a system message that triggers radio subscriber status change and a sound file played back in SmartPTT Dispatcher if the status is activated.

When a radio subscriber sends a message to the dispatcher with the text from the System Message field, the subscriber receives the corresponding status (the Name field).


4.   Click OK in the Status window.

5.   Click Finish in the Statuses window.


How To Assign a Status to the Radio Subscriber


To assign a status to a radio subscriber with the help of SmartPTT Dispatcher:

1.   Open the Properties window by right-click on the selected radio subscriber.

2.   In the Status field select subscriber’s status from the list.


3.   Click the Save button.



How To Change Subscriber Status Using a Radio

Radio subscribers can independently change their statuses, displayed in SmartPTT Dispatcher. To do this, send a text message to the dispatcher from the radio with the text, indicated in the System Message field (Settings > Statuses).



How To Assign a Status to the Category of Radio Subscribers


To assign a status to the category of radio subscribers:

1.   Open the Properties window by right-click on the selected category of subscribers.

2.   Select the Status check box.

3.   Select a status from the list.

4.   Click the Apply button. The status is assigned to the radio subscribers who belong to this category.


Note: All the three types of subscribers (radio subscribers, telephone subscribers and dispatchers) can be assigned to a category. However, the actions applied to the category members will be addressed only to radio subscribers.

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