No sound


What can I do if there is no voice flow from or/and  to subscriber?


1. USB+Audio Cable (for control station configuration only)


Test the cable connecting the control stations and the computer for correct pinouts (USB+Audio).


2. Microphone

Check if the microphone is working. Record an audio file by the Sound Recorder application (Start Menu –> All Programs –> Entertainment –> Sound Recorder) and play it back. Make sure the sound is recorded and you can play it back. If quality of record is not plausible, try another microphone.


3. Audio Input and Audio Output

Make sure that the Audio Input and Output are selected correctly in the sound settings of SmartPTT system.


4. Amount of Sound cards required (for control station configuration only)

Make sure you have a sound card on your computer. If SmartPTT Dispatcher and Radio Server are installed on one computer, there must be two sound cards (this is true if there is only one control station connected to the Radio Server). Each additional control station connected to the Radio Server requires additional sound card (if the control stations is used for transmitting both data and voice).


5. Microphone Audio Setting

Check if Microphone Audio Setting is available in SmartPTT Dispatcher.



If Microphone Audio Setting is not available, open the Sound settings window in SmartPTT Dispatcher (Settings -> Sound). In the Audio Input section, next to theInput Line select Microphone and then Finish.



 If Microphone Audio Setting is still unavailable or Microphone was already selected for Input Line, select Recording Level and click Finish.



 6. Port forwarding

When Dispatcher and Radioserver reside in different subnets, ports must be forwarded to reroute corresponding IP traffic. Following ports must be forwarded (UDP and TCP) between Dispatcher and Radioserver (default values given, can be changed in radioserver settings):

8888 - main data port of Radioserver

18500 - voice port of radioserver

18501 - voice port for dispatcher

161,162 - SNMP monitoring

7. Windows Firewall

Disable Windows Firewall.

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