Unacceptable sound quality


Sound quality is really poor. What can I do to increase it?


1. USB+Audio Cables (for control station configuration only)

Test the cable which connects the control stations and the computer for correct pinouts (link).


2. Microphone sound level

Reduce microphone sound level.



3. MIC Boost

Clear MIC Boost.



4. Basic Hardware Sound Acceleration Level

Configure Hardware Sound Acceleration Level and set it to Basic level. Basic hardware acceleration is configured in the DirectX Diagnostic Tool window (go toStart menu, click on Run, type dxdiag). Go to Sound tab and specify Hardware Sound Acceleration Level.



5. Microphone

Check if the microphone is working. Record an audio file by the Sound Recorder application (Start Menu –> All Programs –> Entertainment –> Sound Recorder) and play it back. Make sure the sound is recorded and you can play it back. If quality of record is not plausible, try another microphone.


6. Sound card Drivers

Install newest sound card drivers from it's manufacturer's site.


7. SmartPTT Software

Update SmartPTT software. It may contain some fixes in sound processing unit.


8. Windows Firewall

Disable Windows Firewall.


9. Acoustic Echo Cancellation

Go to Start menu of the PC and select Control Panel. Then click on your Sound card icon and check the settings. Make sure that  Acoustic Echo Cancellation is unselected 


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