Defect report template


The purpose of using Defect report template or Bug report template is to convey the detailed information (like environment details, steps to reproduce etc.,) about the bug to the SmartPTT support.

The Environment and additional information about the system can help may help us investigate defects. 

  1. Windows version, number of build

You can see it by typing winver command in the command line.


Example: Windows 10, Version 1903 Build 18362.535


  1. Previous version of SmartPTT (indicate the installed version before upgrading to the current version).

This value must be specified if the “clear installation” (deleting files in the SmartPTT folders
(Program files\ SmartPTT; Program Data\SmartPTT) before installing the new version) was not performed.


Previous version of SmartPTT can be also found in Client log file (C:\ProgramData\SmartPTT\Client.log

For example, PLUS 9.5.38 

  1. Device information.

To specify firmware versions and models of radio stations and repeaters read device codeplugs using Motorola CPS:


For example, DP4601 R02.07.03; DR3000 R2.10 

  1. Framework version is necessary, if sever can’t start or dispatcher is crushed.

To see the Framework version, you must download and start .NET Version Detector (

For example Software displays your version of .Net Framework as 4.7.2


 The framework version can be also found in the Applications and Features of Windows.


  1. Prerequisites (additional configuration, initial actions)

Description of additional settings and steps that made before the defect appeared.

For example: the Custom Console and Google map tabs are open; incoming voice call on Dispatch console is playing on additional sound device.

  1. Additional information

Please provide us with information that may be useful to clarify the situation with system programs/parameters:

For example,

- windows display language is Spanish;

- system date settings: (UTC+1) timezone Madrid and current Regional format is English (US);

- installed Kaspersky antivirus software;

- firewall is disabled.

- Additional program installation – which program was installed, and whether there were any changes after installation.


  1. Attachments:

a) When the requested information concerns networks configured in Radioserver, or log collection in Dispatcher, it is better to collect Debuginfo. Files are taken from Radioserver and Dispatcher using the DebugInfoCollector program (installed with SmartPTT in Dispatcher and server folders).

b) Screenshots and videos can show what the defect is. Taking and sharing screenshots can be extremely helpful.

c) (Optional) Recordings shows the issue of distorted voice, interference in radio etc. SmartPTT has voice recording in the Radioserver and dispatch console. By default all recordings are located in C:\ProgramData\SmartPTT\RecordedCalls\

Note: voice recording must be licensed and enabled in the Radioserver configurator.



 d) Wireshark traffic. Logs the period when an error occurs on the network, the cause can be found using wireshark. Traffic collection results are useful for viewing the routing of voice or data traffic, and for tracking the connection of devices on the network.


Providing more detailed information about the defect will help solve the problem in a shorter time.

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